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Xbox Live Gold price hike reversed, service to no longer be required for free-to-play games

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Report: Diablo 2 remake in development at reorganized Blizzard

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Pixar’s new shorts are a quarantine experiment that redefined how the studio works

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Meet the Fallout 76 fans making better quests and stories than Bethesda

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Pokémon Company warns Sword and Shield hackers that they’ll get banned

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The best Dungeons & Dragons campaign for beginners

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Report: Mass Effect 2 was once a bit more gay, but then Fox News happened

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Ezra Miller crosses a dangerous line into caricature as The Stand’s Trashcan Man

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Games to watch in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PS5, Stadia, Xbox Series X, and PC

Truck Simulator event invites players to deliver COVID-19 vaccines

Bernie Sanders’ mittens are now an extremely powerful magic item in D&D

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Tabletop gaming in 2021 will be defined by these last 12 months of chaos

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